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What are the advantages of solar street lights over ordinary street lights?

What is a street light?

Street lights, also known as street lamps, illuminate roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other public areas. 

An illuminating road typically mounted on a tall pole light. In general, Street lights will divide into regular street lights and solar street lights. The main components are solar panels, lighting source, PIR motion sensor, LifePO4 Lithium battery, Smart controller system, aluminum alloy, and pole. But the regular street light doesn’t include the solar panels, with connected by wire, it is very troubles, the world grow up and technology development. Most of the city will use solar street light because of doesn’t need to lay cables, easy to install.

ene tech solar street light

What’s the working principle of solar street lights?

Solar street lights during the day are under the control of the intelligent controller. The solar panels absorb solar lights and convert them into electrical energy. And at night, the battery pack provides power to the led light source to realize the lighting function. The DC controller can ensure the battery pack is not harm, due to overcharging or over-discharging. The functions include light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, and reverse polarity protection.

What’s the advantage of solar street lights?

The function is to light up the night and obstacles area. Solar street lamps advantage as below:

ene tech solar street light leds

  1. Led source lets the solar street light have a long service life, high luminous efficiency, low working temperature. Safety and reliability. Fast reaction speed, small unit volume, green and environmental protection, etc.
  2. About the Battery pack bracket: it will consider two factors. The first is angle design. The second considers wind-resistant design.
ene tech solar street light battery

Angle design: 

ene tech solar street light angle

To allow solar cell modules to receive as much solar radiant energy as possible in a year, we have to choose an optimal inclination angle for solar cell modules. The discussion on the optimal inclination angle design depends on the different regions. 

Wind-resistant design: 

ene tech solar street light size

Solar street light system. A structural issue that requires great attention is the design of wind resistance. The wind resistance design has two parts. One is the wind resistance design of the battery module bracket, and the other is the wind resistance design of the light pole. But according to the technical parameters of the battery module manufacturer, the upwind pressure that the solar battery module can withstand is 2700 Pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is 27m/s (equivalent to a tenth typhoon), according to the non-viscous fluid mechanics, the wind pressure on the battery module is only 365Pa. So the component itself can withstand the wind speed of 27m/s without being damaged. Therefore, the critical consideration in the design is the connection between the battery assembly bracket and the light pole.

3. Cost comparison: Solar street lights have one-time investment and long-term benefits. Because of the simple wiring, no maintenance costs, and no expensive electricity bills.

4. Safe comparison: The solar street lights adopt 12-24V low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation, there is no hidden safety hazard, and it is an ideal product for the ecological environment.

ene tech solar street light application

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