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Trends In Solar Energy

Solar lights are electric lights that are converted into electricity by solar panels. Solar lights a safe, environmentally friendly new electric lights, and thus more and more attention.

What is the future of the solar street light industry?

Solar streetlights use sunlight as the energy source, using the battery panel to charge the solar energy during the day and the battery to power the light source for use at night. Solar streetlights are safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, maintenance-free, promising, green, and environmentally friendly. Whether it is a small farm or noble residence, farm, construction site, villa, park, road, or farm carnival, have broad market prospects.

Solar street light has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no wiring, easy installation, automatic control, etc. The main types of solar street lights are solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar landscape lights, and solar signal lights.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

Solar intelligent street light industry is a new energy source to protect the environment and will be supported by the national policy. From the market point of view, solar streetlights have significant economic benefits and broad market prospects. It is estimated that the industrial market for solar streetlights in China will reach $6.985 billion by 2025.

As a leading region in the global photovoltaic industry, solar streetlights are not new in China. Many scenic spots and express towns have been replaced with these new streetlights. However, the core application area of street lights – city streets – is not widespread enough yet. In the next few years, clean energy cities like Xiongnu should be more and more solar street lights will also gain biggish development.

It is understood that the solar street light market prospects for development are very noted with the development of the times more and more perfect, solar street light growth potential is vast. Clean energy in the world is developed as a long-term strategy, so the need for solar panels in the future is great. Now there are more and more people are aware of solar street lights because often outside on the highway can be seen to present rural areas also installed solar street lights, so solar street lights have been constructed for urban and rural lighting inevitable thing. Solar streetlights are becoming a new development trend and lead the updated development of the lighting industry.

In recent years, China’s solar street light industry development, following the principles of safety and reliability, advanced technology, financial and reasonable, and easy maintenance, from solar modules, batteries, and controllers to LED light sources, various fields have entered the stage of the first maturity of manufacturing technology, large-scale application of products. The solar street lamp industry has become one of the crucial ways of clean energy application. As a manufacturing power, supporting intelligent, energy-saving, integrated controller of the solar-wise street lamp has followed the national “One Belt and One Road” strategic pace, go abroad, light up the world.

Solar street lights replace the original sodium lamp, second convenient, more energy-saving, and more environmentally friendly. Solar energy resources are abundant and have broad application prospects. Actively expanding the use of solar street lights, steady improvement, adjust the layout for the benefit of people’s livelihood has important practical significance. It plays a significant strategic role in ensuring national energy security, optimizing energy distribution, and improving atmospheric conditions.

By 2050, solar photovoltaic power systems will account for 16% of the world’s total power generation, and solar thermal power plants will account for 11%. These two solar technologies could reduce CO2 emissions by more than 6 billion tons in 2050.

In the future, With the development of smart cities, more clever technologies will be equipped with streetlights. Streetlights are installed in every street of the City Solar streetlights are also installed in the current large-scale countryside, which is an excellent vehicle for intelligent buildings. The development of technology makes remote control and self-checking of street lights possible. It also allows valid access to traffic, security, civilized entertainment, and other buildings and integrates IoT technology to make streetlights more efficient in serving society.

All in one solar street light from ENE TECH

With the rapid development of technology, some research institutions say that by 2024 the market size of intelligent solar streetlights will reach $18 billion because these seven functions will make streetlights into a significant information portal in the future, and the importance will be beyond imagination.

Several experts in solar energy not long ago drafted the “bill on the development of a tiered tariff and prefer the development of China” draft proposal, one of the drafters, the Chinese Solar Energy Society Photovoltaic Professional Committee Executive Director Wang Sicheng said: “From the number of resources, the distribution of universal, technical reliability Photovoltaic power generation is superior to other renewable energy sources, and the barrier of higher costs is being reduced with technological progress and mass production. ” Experts suggest that China’s goal should be to reach a cumulative installed capacity of 30,000 MW of PV power in 2020 so that PV power generation accomplishes 1% of the country’s electricity generation by then.

There is still a considerable gap between this target and those of Europe, the United States, and Japan. To achieve this target, we need to remove many obstacles. Experts point out that in many countries entire world, photovoltaic power generation has entered the track of commercial development. It has a fine long-term development prospect in the world of large-scale grid-connected deserts and photovoltaic building integration, which is a significant part of the application of renewable energy. Global photovoltaic power generation industry with an average rate of more than 30% rapid growth. In 2002, the system output value reached more than $3.5 billion.

It is expected that the development of the industry will be further accelerated under the pull of emission reduction actions and preferential policies of various countries. As long as China introduces a corresponding deal, cultivates a standardized scale market, increases investment, and accelerates capacity building, Chinese enterprises are fully qualified to enter the international market and enter the mundane top ten by relying on the domestic market.


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