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Which is more suitable for street lamps, warm white or cool white?

What is warm white?


A warm white lamp is to be below 3000K (3000 Kelvin). It is the light color provided by an incandescent bulb (2700K) or halogen bulb (2850K). As an incandescent or halogen bulb is dim, it becomes an even warmer – slightly orange – appearance. It may dip to about 2200K or below.

Warm white is perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere in areas, want to chill with friends and family. Most people choose this color for their living room, bedroom, or dining where everyone is together.

What is cool white?


Color temperatures between 3100K and 4500K are cool white or bright white. LED bulbs within this range will emit a more neutral white light and create a slightly blue tint. Above 4500K brings us into the daylight color temperature of light.

Cool white is brighter, letting you have a transparent life environment. Adapt for modern kitchens and rooms.

If will looking for your space to feel modern and clean, the cool white is ideal for you.

Which is more suitable for street lamps, warm white or cool white?


Street lights will install in the roadway, parking pot, street, and other outdoor places. 

How to choose warm white or cool white, use in street light? Depending on the blue light hazard, physiological impact, CCT, healthy, environment, etc.

With the people, life improves. The people requirements for products will be higher and higher. When we select street lights, it will consider a blue light hazard. And warm white led street lights and parking lot lights – with a CCT of 3000K or less – is not create the blue light, then not contribute to light pollution, so warm white is a much better option for public outdoor areas.

Warm white street lights give a comfortable and relaxed feeling, don’t make a high physiological impact.

CCT is correlated color temperature, In generally range 2700K – 6500K, warm white is 2700K – 3000K, over 5000k is Cool white. Therefore, warm light is more suitable for street lamps. Most of the street lights illuminate you at night. And give you a different night environment, It will not affect rest.

Everyone wants to have a healthy life. And experts will advocate zero carbon dioxide emission. It is important how to use street lights.

In conclusion, Cool white affects eyes and healthy. So warm light is more suitable.

Of course, welcome to provide your most valuable suggestions, and let us contribute to a healthy and green earth.  

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