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Mark Zeng

As the technology development. Do you want to save energy and money? Do you make more profits? Do you let LED lights will promote manufacturing productivity?
The linear lamps are flexible decorative light. It is consists of a strip-led source, aluminum, ballast. Also, lamps will have an aluminum shell. Seem looks like a wire, so the name is a linear lamp. Adopt for meeting different scenarios.
This article is about Mark Zeng and his business philosophy and why did I choose ENE TECH. And it also might give you some helpful info on whether ENE TECH is the reliable partner in the lighting industry you are looking for.
we do well with every lamp carefully based on the high standards and with a spirit of craftsmanship and a high sense of responsibility. And we're sure that the lighting fixtures we make can offer you the ideal solution.
With the passage of time and the continuous development of science and technology, people’s living conditions are also constantly improving, and everyone’s requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, the use of lamps is becoming more and more extensive.

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